Saturday, April 30, 2016

birthdays and a big belly

This was a week of celebrations for us! Friday we began Dan's birthday weekend with a dinner date at a trendy Japanese restaurant downtown. Saturday we enjoyed Dan's birthday gift from his parents: tickets to a Pops concert featuring Lea Salonga, the singing voice of Mulan and Pricess Jasmine! Sunday, I made Dan's birthday cake... Every year it turns out so ugly but so delicious!

cozy birdhouse | celebrating dan's birthday at the pops

Wednesday, we celebrated Kathy's birthday at a restaurant with a beautiful view of the city. It was too rainy too sit on the patio, but the misty weather made the glowing city skyline even prettier as it got darker.

cozy birdhouse | kathy's birthday dinner

Friday was my last day in the office as I'll be working from home until baby girl arrives. I had my 38 week checkup that afternoon. I think my weight might have peaked last week, so here's a picture of me at my largest (hopefully)! The doctor doesn't sound like he expects baby girl to be joining us any time soon, since he said, "The good news is that pregnancy seems to be agreeing with you. The bad news is, it will likely be agreeing with you for a while longer." We shall see!

cozy birdhouse | big belly!

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