Saturday, July 4, 2015

the florida vacation, act 3

Don't forget to read Act 1: The Wedding and Act 2: The Trip to Universal Studios!

Act 3: The Beach
Setting: Grand Plaza Hotel, St. Pete Beach
Cast of Characters:
CAITLIN, relaxed, lazy beach bum in her late 20s
DAN, her husband


Scene 1: The Drive, Wednesday (Caitlin and Dan drive to St. Pete Beach for a short vacation, just the two of them.)
CAITLIN: Did that road sign just say there is a Wawa ahead? We don't have those at home, and I know you love them! Do you want to stop??
DAN: Yes!
(Scene ends with Caitlin and Dan enjoying delicious sandwiches... and the unexpected surprise of finding a Wawa in Florida.)


Scene 2: The Beach, Thursday (Caitlin and Dan are laying on the beach)
CAITLIN: Let's take a beach walk. What are these weird birds that keep skimming their beaks through the top of the water and snagging fish?
DAN: Look! A whole roped-off nesting area for them. They are Black Skimmers.
CAITLIN: Oh my gosh. Look at the tiny baby birds!!!!! They are sooooooo cute.
(Caitlin rushes back to hotel for camera, and scene closes with her taking an absurd number of photos of the baby birds)

cozy birdhouse | black skimmer at st. pete beach

cozy birdhouse | baby black skimmers nesting at st. pete beach


Scene 3: The Beach, Friday (Caitlin and Dan are swimming in the waves)
CAITLIN: Find me a cool shell
(Dan digs around with foot in sand)
DAN: Bam! Got one! Check out this cool clam.
CAITLIN: Yayyyyyyyyyyy!
(Scene closes with Caitlin taking a clam selfie)

cozy birdhouse | clam selfie!


Scene 4: The Florida Aquarium, Sunday (Caitlin and Dan stop at the Florida Aquarium on the way back to Orlando to catch their flight. They tour the aquarium enjoying all the cool birds, reptiles, fish, sharks, and other sea creatures.)

cozy birdhouse | me and dan at the florida aquarium

cozy birdhouse | roseate spoonbill at the florida aquarium

CAITLIN: You know what was my favorite part of the aquarium?
DAN: What?
CAITLIN: The birds.
DAN: (rolls eyes and smiles) Of course.
(Scene closes with Caitlin and Dan arriving home both energized from a busy vacation and refreshed from such a relaxing time at the beach! Curtain.)


cozy birdhouse | us at st. pete beach, drinking local brews

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