Friday, July 3, 2015

the florida vacation, act 2

Don't forget to read Act 1: The Wedding!

Act 2: The Trip To Universal Studios
Setting: Universal Orlando Resort
Cast of Characters:
CAITLIN, woman in her late 20s, obsessive Harry Potter fan
DAN, her husband
EILEEN, DAD, Dan's parents
TIM, COLLEEN, Dan's siblings
KEVIN, Colleen's boyfriend


Scene 1: Monday (Universal Islands of Adventure Theme Park. Caitlin and Dan are joined in Orlando by Eileen, Dad, Tim, Colleen, and Kevin on Sunday following The Wedding [Act 1]. Vacation was planned by Dad as an early celebration of his birthday in July.)

CAITLIN: I am obsessed with Harry Potter and I am thrilled to be back at Universal Orlando since I missed the opening of Diagon Alley by only a month when we visited last year!!!!!!!!
DAN: Ok. Calm down.
CAITLIN: I cannot calm down!!!! I am too excited!!!! Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!
(Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade Village is explored. Fun is had by all, despite some unfortunate adverse reactions to the weird screen/motion rides throughout the park.)

cozy birdhouse | family at the wizarding world of harry potter

CAITLIN, DAN: Time for water rides!
(Cast rides Jurassic Park, Dudley Do-right, and Bilge Rat Barges all in a row)
CAITLIN, DAN, EILEEN, DAD, TIM, COLLEEN, KEVIN (FAMILY): We are soaked, good thing it's 95 degrees out!
(Family continues exploring park, riding coasters. Caitlin enjoys a butterbeer with lunch in Hogsmeade. More rides, including taking Hogwarts Express to other park to see Diagon Alley, the new Harry Potter feature.)
CAITLIN: (In awe) It's amazing... London and Gringott's and Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes and Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream and The Leaky Cauldron and Knockturn Alley and everything!!
(Caitlin laments that she is not a wizard and spends the afternoon pretending to be one in Diagon Alley.)

cozy birdhouse | diagon alley at the wizarding world of harry potter

(Scene closes with exhausted family enjoying dinner at Margaritaville in CityWalk area)


Scene 2: Tuesday (Universal Studios Florida Theme Park)

CAITLIN, DAN, DAD: We got to the park early to ride the Harry Potter Escape from Gringott's ride, but it is currently down. Oh well, we can ride it later. (walk to Minions ride instead)
DAD: That was my favorite ride here! Let's wander over to the Simpsons area.
CAITLIN: Hey look! Let's get our picture taken with them!!

cozy birdhouse | us with the simpsons!

(Caitlin, Dan, and Dad are joined by Eileen, Tim, Colleen, and Kevin who have rallied for Day 2 fun)
FAMILY: We are tired, but we fight through the exhaustion!! Let's ride more rides, especially the Men In Black ride where you get to shoot aliens! Yay!!

cozy birdhouse | men in black ride at universal studios

(Scene closes with Family saying their goodbyes in hotel lobby the next day. All agree the trip was a success and tons of fun!)


Stay tuned for Act 3: The Beach!!!

cozy birdhouse | us at universal studios

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