Thursday, July 23, 2015

bachelorette and bourbon

My friend and former college roommate Julie is getting married in August, and I was excited to be invited to her bachelorette party in Louisville a couple weeks ago. I drove in Friday, and picked up my friend Bethany from the airport on the way to our lodging for the weekend. The girls who helped plan the party found an amazing house for rent on Airbnb, which is a website for people to rent out their homes, apartments, or extra rooms. There were plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate almost a dozen girls who all needed to primp for a night on the town, and the location was conveniently close to the popular Highlands area which is packed with bars, restaurants, etc. Also, I highly recommend having a graphic designer as one of your party planners... the invitations were beautiful! We stayed in Friday evening with pizza, drinks, and lots of catching up and college reminiscing. Hopefully we didn't bore Julie's high school friends too much!

Saturday morning, we walked to brunch at El Camino, a nearby Mexican restaurant. I can honestly say it was the first time I've had chips and salsa as an appetizer before pancakes! We showed off our matching sunglasses, which were perfect for such a bright sunny day.

cozy birdhouse | julie's bachelorette party

Later in the afternoon, we went to downtown Louisville for the Evan Williams Experience speakeasy tour. A gentlemanly bartender served us samples of various Evan Williams bourbons in a basement bar, while educating us about the history of prohibition and its impact on the city of Louisville. The bartender admitted that he much preferred having a bachelorette party on the tour than his usual group of rowdy bachelor parties! I enjoyed the history part much more than the bourbon (as I'm not a huge fan of liquor in general), but I did buy a bottle from the gift shop as a souvenir for Dan.

cozy birdhouse | evan williams experience for julie's bachelorette party

cozy birdhouse | evan williams experience for julie's bachelorette party

After a stop back at the house to freshen up and change clothes, we caught an Uber (see how trendy with are with our Airbnbs and Ubers?) to a restaurant called Feast for a hearty BBQ dinner. We followed dinner with bar hopping to various spots around the city. I particularly liked one bar called "garage", which was an old converted gas station/garage. Very trendy, fun, and smelled amazing due to the big basil plants growing outside!

Saturday morning, we said our goodbyes, and I drove home. I'm excited to see everyone again in a month for the wedding!

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