Sunday, November 2, 2014

the smallest one was madeline

Happy Halloween! My Madeline costume was a success... several people recognized me right away, including one little trick-or-treater (whom I rewarded with extra candy).

cozy birdhouse | madeline halloween costume

The costume consists of a dress, capelet, and hat. I prefer to make my own patterns, so I usually start with several yards of cheap muslin and make a practice piece. Zippers and fasteners would complicate the dress construction process, so I traced a simple tunic that pulls over my head. After making one out of muslin to ensure proper fit, I cut, seamed, and hemmed the same pieces in blue fabric. The front has a faux seam with buttons sewn on to look more like a real dress or coat.

The capelet is a large circle of fabric with a head hole, white collar, and red ribbon tie. While finishing the cape and the dress neckline, I decided that hemming curved edges is officially my least favorite of all sewing tasks. All the little pin pricks in my fingertips concur.

The cap is a felt sailor hat, again of my own design. This is my first attempt at making a hat... I would definitely change some things if I made a second one, but I think it completes the Madeline look nicely.

cozy birdhouse | madeline  costume hat

We spent Halloween at home for the first time this year, and I was pleasantly surprised with the number of trick-or-treaters. I'm glad I bought enough candy! Dan's parents arrived late in the evening for a weekend visit. Since his grandparents moved to assisted living recently, his parents brought us some rugs, furniture, and decorations that needed a new home. I'm so happy to replace my cheap, scratchy rug, but I'll have to be more careful not to drop food when I eat at the coffee table now! We had a fun weekend bowling and watching football before they had to leave on Sunday. It was a short visit, but we'll get to see them again in just a few weeks for Thanksgiving!

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