Wednesday, November 12, 2014

goin' to the chapel

It worked! My little brother is a married man, and I have a new little sister. Can I still say "little brother" even though everyone in my family is taller than I am? I guess I should say "younger brother."

At the rehearsal on Friday night, we bonded with the church coordinator over her Gryffindor lanyard. Christopher was even wearing his Gryffindor tie from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. He's grown up enough to get married, and fun enough to wear a Gryffindor tie to his rehearsal. Such an awesome brother.

The rehearsal dinner was held at one of my parents favorite restaurants, which used to be a library. My sister Kelsey put together an awesome video of Christopher and Emily's childhood photos that made everyone a little weepy. We gathered around to watch the video before dinner.

cozy birdhouse | christopher and emily's rehearsal dinner

If you notice Christopher's rugged stubble in this photo and are wondering if he shaved for the wedding, the answer is no. Apparently he and Emily have run experiments to determine the length of facial hair growth at which he looks most handsome. Results show that 2.5 days results in optimal scruff, so he shaved Wednesday night before the wedding.

Saturday morning, the ladies woke up bright and early to begin the beautification process. The salon worked their magic on four bridesmaids, two moms, and one exquisite bride. Emily even managed to eat some fruit and chicken salad, which is required by law to be served at all gatherings of three or more women.

cozy birdhouse | before the wedding

The beautiful wedding ceremony was followed by a limo ride to a nearby park for photos. We enjoyed a little champagne on the way!

cozybirdhouse | the happy couple

The reception was held at a 150-year-old mill converted into a banquet center. I can't wait to see the wedding photos; I'm sure they'll look stunning against the brick backgrounds. The most popular part of the reception was definitely the photo booth. People were waiting in line to don the silly hats and glasses and take their snapshots for the guest book.

Sunday morning, my parents hosted a brunch for almost 60 people! Towards the end, Christopher and Emily opened their gifts including the knit hedgehog ornament I made. They have a little pet hedgie named Watson, so I just couldn't help myself.

This is the second hedgehog I've made from the Little Cotton Rabbits pattern. The first one lives upstairs in the craft room as a pin cushion. Details on my Ravelry page. (The wedding bunny I knit was also a LCR pattern.)

Congratulations, Christopher and Emily! Enjoy the honeymoon and every day afterwards!

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  1. I was just creepin on your blog and had to smile because I just hung this little hedgie on our christmas tree this past weekend :)