Wednesday, April 26, 2023

columbus, here we come

Mae's spring break was back at the end of March. She spent the first part at a day camp at the rec center. She had tons of fun swimming, playing games, and doing crafts. They even took a field trip to the Opening Day parade!

After picking Mae up from camp on Wednesday, I took the kids to the playground. Unfortunately, I fell while climbing on a piece of equipment and hit my face really hard! I chipped two teeth and had to get stitches in my chin and my lip. Dan left work and met me at the dentist for x-rays and then drove me to the plastic surgeon for the stitches. I was very swollen and sore all over the next few days, so I was glad we had a fun little spring break trip to distract me from my boo boos.

We finished spring break with a weekend getaway to the tropical paradise of Columbus, Ohio. This is our third time visiting. Mae absolutely loves the museum there, and both kids are always excited to stay in a hotel! We checked into the hotel and went for pizza at our usual haunt. I promise I'm smiling... my mouth is just really swollen.
Friday we went to COSI. We spent quite a while in the Kidspace play area and then went to the Oceans exhibit to play in the water and check out the submarine.
After a complete change out of their soaking wet clothes (and shoes), we ate lunch. In the afternoon we played in the gadgets room, visited the dinosaurs, and managed to all stay awake for the planetarium show. We stayed until the museum was closing!
Saturday, we checked out of the hotel and spent the day at the zoo. The highlight was definitely petting the sting rays. They love being touched, so they eagerly flap along the walls and splash water everywhere as they pass by. Mae was a little worried about getting "stung" by the tails, but Colin was all about it! We should have brought a change of clothes for the zoo also!
I bribed the kids with snacks to take this surfing picture again this year. It's my favorite!
Mae went back to school with lots of good stories and photos to share with her class after spring break. She made a "Flat Violet" (based on the Flat Stanley books), who accompanied us on our adventures.

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