Friday, April 7, 2023

colin's new best friend

Colleen and Bobby finally made it for a visit! They were supposed to come see us back in October 2021 and had driven 90% of the way when Colin tested positive for COVID. Colleen visited for Mae's birthday last year, but Bobby wasn't able to make it. I'm glad we finally got to host them together!

Leading up to this, Mae had a few rough weeks. First, we found a tick in her hair that she probably picked up during a school field trip to the nature center. It was really buried, and I think the removal was equally traumatic for her as it was for me and Dan. Then the next week, she ended up at Urgent Care with an infection. The week after that, she was back at Urgent Care and an ENT after smashing her face into a table while playing tag. She really needed a fun weekend, so she was ecstatic when Colleen and Bobby surprised her at school pick-up on Friday!
Friday night we went to a local brewery for drinks and pizza. Colleen and Bobby collect growlers and stickers from breweries, so we had to introduce them to our favorites. Mae and Colin occupied themselves with crayons and paper airplanes.
We had a lazy Saturday morning. Colin just wanted to follow Bobby around everywhere. The first words out of his mouth each morning and after nap were, "Is Bobby awake yet?" Every time we got in the car to go somewhere, he asked, "Bobby coming with us?" I asked him if he liked Bobby and he said, "Bobby's kinda silly" (his highest form of compliment).
Later in the afternoon, we went to the conservatory for "Bunnies and Blooms." It was nice and warm, there were lots of pretty plants to observe, and they even had some cute bunnies on display. Colin just wanted to run between all the rooms. We lost Mae for a second, but she was just curled up on a bench with one of the bunny books they had sitting out.
In the afternoon, everyone had fun playing Nintendo Switch. I like the assisted driving feature on Mario Kart that lets Mae play without getting frustrated by driving off the track or going backwards. She's also enjoyed watching Dan and Bobby play Hades and is now surprisingly well-versed in Greek mythology.
Sunday we went to the market to get lunch and pick up some fresh pasta for dinner. Dan, Colleen, and Bobby then visited another brewery downtown while I took the kids home to rest. In the afternoon we played outside and Colin helped me pull some weeds.
Of course Colleen had to re-create her photo of Mae on the slide (ages 2, 3, 4, and now 6). Thanks for making the drive, Colleen and Bobby. We had so much fun!

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