Sunday, September 4, 2022

lake george

We had another wonderful family trip to Lake George this summer! I got some time to relax and visit with family while the kids got to spend lots of quality time playing with cousins on the beach. We played cards, built sand castles, swam in the lake, went for boat rides, and splashed in the pool.
We had beautiful weather all week and spent so much time outside. We ate every meal on the porch and spent almost every morning and afternoon playing on the beach. I’m glad Colin got lots of time in the sand since he was sick during our last beach trip. He even ventured out into the shallow water and enjoyed taking little rides on the paddle board with me.
Mae was excited to build “the coffee machine” with Uncle Christopher again this year. They dug canals and built dams and then flooded the whole thing with the hose buckets. The frothy, sandy water looked like a nice latte as it flowed back to the lake.
Mom and Dad rented a pontoon boat big enough to take us all out on the lake! We even made a couple trips to the islands for picnics and swimming. Dan and I both have fond memories of island camping as kids, so it was fun to get back out there!
We decided to stay until Saturday and make the drive home in one day, so we managed to fit in trips to Pirates Cove and the arcade. Everyone had fun golfing even though we lost quite a few balls into the water throughout the 18 holes!
At the arcade, Mae and Dan played air hockey and skee ball while Colin desperately tried to hit just one hamburger on the whack-a-mole game.
Dan, Kelsey, and I also took a trip into town for a wine tasting at Adirondack Winery. I’d researched wine tasting during a previous trip, but we were too early in the season. I’m glad we made it this time! They had an award winning Gewürtzraminer (yes, I had to practice saying - and spelling - it) and lots of delicious fruit-infused wine perfect for summer sipping. I just finished up a bottle of sangria we brought home.
We filled in our spare moments with jigsaw puzzles, games of 10-to-1, and yard games. Colin and Lillian took turns launching the stomp rocket. They’re so little, even jumping onto the launcher only sent the rocket about 3 ft in the air, but they loved it! Mae, Oliver, and Archie spent hours organizing the landscape rocks in front of the porch. It was fun watching them create activities with just a pile of rocks!
Thanks for a great week, Gramma and Grampa! We had a wonderful time!

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