Sunday, August 28, 2022

mae: june, july

Well, we're a full week into the school year, so I better catch up on sharing all our photos from this summer! Mae filled her time with summer school and camps. Her before- and after-school care ran a summer program that included lots of fun activities like pottery painting, cooking, and even a few field trips! Mae especially loved when an animal handler visited the school. She held a bearded dragon and petted a hedgehog!
They took a field trip to a park with a historic village and learned about life in the 1800s. Of course Mae volunteered to help the instructor pretend to load up the oven with loaves of bread.
Mae's camp participated in the Fun At Bat program and learned how to play t-ball. I love that their team name was the "Mighty Mustaches." They also got to attend a Reds game where they were shown on the big screen! Mae came home talking a lot about baseball and wants to try playing this year!
And, of course, she spent lots of time doing art projects. She came home with lots of cute creations this summer!
Mae was very excited and a smidge nervous to start first grade. She heard they will have to take TESTS! I stayed home from work Thursday morning so we could walk her to school as a family. Her friends were passing our house when we finished taking her photo, so of course Dan and I ended up trailing behind her as she dashed away with her friends! Since school started, she has become part of the "roving pack of kids" that roams our street in the evenings. I love seeing her social life flourish!

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