Monday, August 30, 2021

summer round up

I was browsing photos from the last few months and realized I had some cute ones that I never shared! They actually paint a pretty good picture of how we spent our summer. At the beginning of the summer, we visited my family for a weekend so we could celebrate Oliver's birthday and Mom's birthday. We even enjoyed a tasty lunch all together!
It's been hot recently, but that hasn't kept us from the outdoors! We've made a couple trips to the farmer's market for fresh pasta and tomatoes. Colin and Mae like playing with the sidewalk chalk and then washing their hands (and feet) off in the fountain.
We've spent many afternoons in the front yard, playing in the sprinkler and decorating the sidewalk with chalk. Mae likes being traced and then coloring in her outline to match her outfit.
Colin watched her do this a couple times and then grabbed his own piece of chalk, walked (yes he walks now!) over to the sidewalk, and laid down on his back to be traced! (I drew a diaper on his outline.) He also likes terrorizing Mae by sitting right on top of her freshly chalked art.
Mae was finally able to finish the swim lessons that were cancelled because of COVID. She did 5 private lessons with her instructor and then a couple of group lessons at our public pool. She's made so much progress being comfortable in the water! While Colin likes being in the pool, his favorite part is the splash pad. He is fearless and barely flinches even when he gets a face full of water!
With Colin still taking two naps, it was harder to fit in play dates this summer. Fortunately, we did manage a picnic and playground visit with Anna and Grant!
The day before Mae started school, we took a trip to the zoo with Grandma, Christopher, Emily, Oliver, Archie, and Lillian. The kids had so much fun running around and visiting all the animals. It was a great finale to summer vacation!

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