Tuesday, August 24, 2021

mae goes to school

Mae's is officially a kindergartener! It feels like we spent all summer getting ready for this moment, and it's finally here! Last week on Monday, we went to a snow cone social at school and she got to peek into her classroom and meet her teacher. Thursday morning, we loaded her up with her new backpack, new water bottle, new mask, new light-up shoes, and new raincoat, and we all walked over to drop her off at school. Even the pouring rain couldn't put a damper on the excitement. No tears were shed (by Mae or by me), so I'd call it a success!
We picked Mae up at the end of the day, and she had lots to tell us about her first day at school. They explored the school to find all the important locations (cafeteria, art room, library, gym, etc). They sang songs, did a couple worksheets, and had art class! She had a turkey sandwich and cookie for lunch, and the rain cleared up in time for outdoor recess.

After school, we went to a small festival at the park. Mae got her face painted and jumped around in the bounce house for a long time.
The house was so quiet on Friday with Colin napping, Dan working, and Mae at school. I took Colin to the grocery store for the first time, and he was enthralled. Colin and I are going to have to come up with some more fun activities for our Wednesdays and Fridays!

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