Monday, April 26, 2021

ten months of colin

Happy 10 months to this cheerful little guy!
What's new with Colin this month? Firstly, he has two new teeth. His second bottom tooth and first upper tooth poked their way through, and the other upper tooth should emerge any day. He's using those little chompers to chew on absolutely everything. We're offering him more table food, so he's eating soft fruits, veggies, meat, and bread in addition to baby food and his favorite puffs and melts. (But not the yogurt melts... he does not like the yogurt melts.) He ate about a third of a waffle tonight! (Yes, we had waffles for dinner. Don't judge.)
Colin developed several new skills this month. He can now climb the stairs. (I am not a big fan this skill). He stands while holding on to furniture or his walker and loves cruising along the bottom rungs of the ladders at the playground. He is a hands-and-knees crawler now, but has developed a few specialty crawls for specific situations. I enjoy the one where his hands are full of toys, so he lays on his belly and pushes along quickly just with his toes. I can hear him coming from a mile away as his squeaky feet push off from our wood floors. squeaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueak!
Colin also learned a few new games this month. He initiated peek-a-boo for the first time while we were out for a walk at the end of March. He lifted a burp cloth to cover his face and then giggled when we said, "Where's Colin?? Peek-a-boo!" Now it's a frequent dinner time activity with his bib. He also enjoys a few good rounds of "How big is Colin?? So big!" I loved seeing Colin dance for the first time this weekend. He bounced himself up and down every time the Fisher-Price farm played a song!

Why does Colin have such a big smile in this picture? Because big sister is making him laugh! She always gets the biggest smiles.
The frequency of Colin's spitting up has greatly reduced, so I'm hoping his weight gain continues at a good pace now! (According to his nine month checkup, he's a fairly average sized baby.) He seems interested in eating all sorts of table foods, even if he spits out many of the squishy ones. I'm looking forward to offering him more varieties. He even seemed to get the hang of the straw cup last time we offered it!
GranE and Batman visited this past weekend. We haven't seen Batman since Halloween! Mae and Colin were both excited to get some extra attention. Colin enjoyed a ride on the rocking moose, and Mae taught Batman some new dance moves.
Wish Colin luck at his first haircut next weekend!!

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