Saturday, April 10, 2021

april flowers

Spring is in full swing here, and colorful flowers are popping up all over! It's drizzling rain outside right now, but we've thankfully had several beautiful days recently. We are trying to take full advantage of the nice weather before it gets too hot. And before we get swarmed by cicadas (ugh). The cherry tree grove near our house was in full bloom by the end of March. We walked there after work and it was swarming with (socially distanced) people taking family pictures. Colin was in a MOOD, but I took possibly my favorite picture of Mae EVER!
Last weekend we celebrated Easter. Mom, Dad, Kelsey, and Kevin came for a visit on Saturday. We dyed eggs, colored a giant coloring page from Auntie Em, and visited the cherry trees again.
We had a quiet Easter Sunday at home. I realized Saturday evening after putting Mae to bed that I hadn't mentioned the Easter Bunny AT ALL leading up to Easter this year. I wondered if Mae even remembered about her Easter basket. When she woke up in the morning, not only did she remember the Easter Bunny, she remembered that he had hidden her basket in the closet under the stairs last year!
In the afternoon, we had an egg hunt. Mae found all the eggs, and then we took turns hiding them all again with varying levels of difficulty. I think the egg hunt was Mae's most anticipated Easter activity. They didn't even have candy in them; she just wanted to hide the empty eggs over and over!
I snapped a bunch of photos of Colin while Mae was hunting eggs. I think this is the only one I got where he didn't have a plastic egg completely crammed into his mouth!
We also managed to fit in a zoo trip this week to see all the tulips! I've tried planting tulips in our yard a couple times, but they always get eaten by deer and squirrels. I'm glad we were able to enjoy all the blooms at the zoo!

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