Wednesday, February 3, 2021

snow day

Last Thursday morning, we woke up to a blanket of snow! It was killing me that we finally got a decent amount of snow, and I had to go to work! I decided to go in a bit late, so Mae and I got to spend an hour sledding on the driveway. I taught her how to bail out of the sled before you crash into something. Important life skill. We also made snow angels on the driveway.
The snow plows must have been as surprised by the snow as we were, because the roads hadn’t been treated. I was glad I waited a while to commute since there was a big car accident not far from our house. Dan decided to avoid the roads entirely and just work from home. He also had some time to take Mae sledding at a couple locations near our house. It was easier for me to go to work, knowing Mae would have some time to enjoy the snow. They visited a new-to-us sledding hill with a nice long run and some good speed!
They also tried out a small hill at the playground. Even Colin got to try sledding for the first time! (He was unimpressed.)
Some of the snow stuck around for our walk on Friday. Mae had fun taking icicles off parked cars and using them to write in the snow. We called them “pencicles.”
I felt so cheated by the lack of snow last winter. I don’t think we even got to sled! I hope we get a few more good snowfalls before spring arrives!

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