Tuesday, January 26, 2021

seven months of colin

Check out this cute little seven-month-old!
Colin favorite activity this month was probably bath time. (Which is good, because he's getting a lot more baths to wash off all the day care germs.) He's just starting to sit up in the bath and is discovering the joy of splashing. He can soak the entire bathroom in a matter of minutes with his spirited water-smacking! He also thinks trying to grab a stream of water is the height of comedy.
His army crawling technique improves every day, and he's quite fast now! Sometimes, he gets up into a hands and knees pose and rocks back-and-forth a few times before resorting to the army crawl/leg kicks to propel himself. He can sit unsupported very briefly. He loves bouncing up and down in the jumper so much that sometimes he bounces himself to sleep in it! (I love his dramatic pose in the jumper photo below.) While his nap timing is consistent, the duration is not. Sometimes a nap is 10 minutes and sometimes (rarely) it's 2 hours! It makes planning our day a little challenging, but we're not going anywhere anyways so it doesn't really matter.
He is generally a pretty happy baby unless he is hungry. Then he gets MAD. If he's crawling around exploring and decides that it's time to eat, he crawls over and pulls on our feet or pants until we pick him up. If we don't respond right away, he can get really loud, really quickly! He likes all the foods we've introduced including cereal, peanut butter, pears, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots, prunes, and green beans (though he likes those better if they're mixed with fruit). He still has no teeth... but plenty of drool! He has discovered his tongue this month and is constantly sticking it out at us like a little snake.
He's back to a reasonable sleep schedule after several bad nights followed by a few nights of sleep training. When he wakes at night, I can usually settle him to sleep by popping the pacifier back in his mouth and holding his little hand. Unfortunately, he's now out of arm's reach since I had to lower the Pack N' Play mattress! I caught him (almost literally) climbing over the edge last week! He has also been pulling up on the bottom stair and even crawled on top of a small toy bin and got stuck like a turtle.
Colin adores Mae. He thinks everything she does is hilarious. She finds him equally entertaining (unless he manages to get a hold of her hair or one of her coloring pages). I just love seeing them interact! They are so cute with each other!
Happy seven months! I wonder what month 8 will bring. Teeth? Puffs? More baby gates??

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