Thursday, January 4, 2018

avengers, assemble!

I mentioned a few months ago that Emily and Christopher had chosen "Avengers" as the nursery theme for their little boy Archer, who will be arriving in February. Emily requested another crib mobile like the Harry Potter mobile I made for Oliver (by far my most popular project to date, and one of the top Google image results for "Harry Potter crib mobile"). I was so excited that I started immediately: designing the characters, ordering felt, and cutting all the colorful shapes.

cozy birdhouse | avengers crib mobile pieces

I got Emily's input on which characters to include, and she selected Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, and Captain America. I gathered inspiration from the internet and spent a lot of time looking at stuffed animals, mobiles, and the original comics. Each character was super fun to work on. Cap's little shield is just too cute, and I giggled myself silly while adding a little belly button to Hulk.

cozy birdhouse | avengers crib mobile characters

Also, I was super proud of my idea to make Spider-Man hanging upside down! I attached everything to an empty mobile arm purchased on Amazon.

cozy birdhouse | avengers crib mobile

I gifted the mobile to Emily for Christmas. It was a bit of a cop-out Christmas gift since I was planning to make it anyways! She had also requested a car seat blanket similar to Mae's, since Archer will need all the snuggly warmth possible as a February baby! I stitched up a dino-print fleece blanket during my crazy week prepping the house to go on the market since I knew I'd be packing away my sewing machine for a little while. No photos of that project, I'll have to get one once the little guy arrives!

cozy birdhouse | avengers crib mobile

I love how this mobile turned out, and I hope Emily, Christopher, Oliver, and Archer do too!


  1. Happy new year to you and your family Caitlin!
    Wow! I absolutely love the mobile. I noticed the belly button right away, before even reading about it (such a fantastic detail)...
    Congratulations! I'll definitely toy with felt mobiles one of these days. I made a cardinal felt bird (down east thunderfarm) for my mom who loves cardinals and turned it into a magnet (it's on her fridge now). And it was both a lot of fun and exquisite.
    Right now I'm knitting three wise men to add to the nativity set I've spent the whole Advent season knitting for my classroom. Huge success with the students! And it's adorable, you should definitely give it a try one day (it's not yet one my Ravelry project page...).
    Bravo again and stay warm!

    1. Happy New Year to you! I am glad you like the mobile! I got started on these felt projects using the bird patterns from Down East Thunderfarm also. I love all the cute bird options and made mine into a wall hanging. A magnet is such a good idea! Let me know when your nativity scene is on Ravelry... I would love to see it.