Sunday, November 5, 2017

chevron bettine dress

I made another dress! This pattern is the Bettine dress by Tilly and the Buttons, and the fabric is a printed rayon challis. I made a size 3 in the top and graded to a size 4 in the waist and hips. I also modified the skirt slightly, drawing the side seams straight down from the hips and adding a lining. I wanted this dress to work with tights so I can wear it through the fall. Lining will prevent the dress from sticking to the tights.

cozy birdhouse | chevron bettine dress

I made a few small modifications to the sleeves. I understitched the dress at the cuff and also rotated the cuff so the seam lined up with the underarm seam. Then I stitched-in-the-ditch to secure the cuff instead of hand stitching (I haaaate hand stitching). I added interfacing to the cuffs and tabs, since this fabric is very flowy and I wanted a bit more structure at the arms. I also added a strip of interfacing to the pocket facing on the skirt to add a bit more reinforcement to that seam. I applied the interfacing to the fabric before cutting to make it easier to deal with the small, shifty pieces. You can sort-of see the cuff tabs in this photo though they are somewhat camouflaged by the crazy print.

cozy birdhouse | chevron bettine dress

I'm not quite as obsessed with dress pockets as the rest of the universe, but they are pretty handy for carrying my phone. Plus, as a mother, I am morally obligated to be carrying a half-used tissue at all times, with which I will indiscriminately wipe any child's nose that comes within a 4 foot radius of me.

cozy birdhouse | chevron bettine dress

So, there it is... a fun new dress! Hopefully it will get lots of wear this holiday season!

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