Sunday, February 28, 2016

confetti curtains

I was having a really hard time picking out new curtains for our nursery. The wall color is a light blue-gray (Sherwin Williams Rainwashed), which is somewhat difficult to match correctly. Blue or gray fabric might blend in too much with the wall color. I considered pink curtains, but was worried about the room looking like cotton candy!

While shopping around for the perfect panels, my mind kept going back to this Remodelaholic tutorial for confetti painted curtains. They're inexpensive (using plain white curtains and acrylic paint) and I could pick the exact colors I wanted!

cozy birdhouse | confetti curtains

The project cost around $40 total. The IKEA Merete curtains were $30 and the paint supplies just under $10. I used regular acrylic craft paint for most colors, and the lighter blue dots are actually just leftover paint from the walls. I mixed my paint colors, added a few drops of water to thin them out a bit, and used the bottom of a Chobani yogurt cup to stamp out my circles before filling them in with a brush. The colors look really cute with the quilt I made.

To finish off the window, I added an IKEA Tupplur roller shade to block light and a set of Matilda sheer curtains for a bit of privacy during the day. I love the little embroidered pattern on the sheers. The room doesn't look like cotton candy now... it looks like Funfetti cupcakes!

I finished the curtains (washing, ironing, hemming, painting) in about 4 days. I probably could have finished sooner, but I'm definitely starting to feel some third trimester aches and pains. This is my last "crawling around on the floor" DIY project for a while!


  1. Caitlin, you totally amaze me with every blog! I love the curtains you made. It is so nice that you tell others how to make them as well. What talent! You definitely have the craft gene! Love, Aunt Kathy

    1. Thanks! I love DIY projects, and they're even more fun when I'm happy with the results!