Friday, December 11, 2015

guernsey blanket

Note: I wrote this post after finishing this blanket over a year ago in November 2014, but didn't edit it until now. This blanket is getting plenty of use on the couch and still looks great!

I think I got a little over-ambitious after finishing my Sweatshirt Sweater. I mean, it IS quite an accomplishment to knit a whole sweater (even if it did take two attempts to get the fit right), but that pattern is not terribly difficult. It's mostly just plain knitting with an occasional fancy stitch. I guess I started to think, "If I can knit A sweater, I can knit ANY sweater." False. For my next project, I had chosen the Monte Rosa cardigan. It's just so pretty with its cables and lace and accent color! It turns out, I am just not cut out for projects where each row has multiple cable charts involved. It took me SO LONG to work one row because I had to keep looking between the project and multiple pattern pages. It felt like a chore every time I picked it up... that's not how hobbies are supposed to make you feel! Finally, weeks into the project but only half way through my first skein, I cut my losses (literally) and decided to use the yarn for a different project.

Enter the Guernsey Blanket. I modified the design for the gorgeous Guernsey Wrap to make a throw-sized blanket. This project was everything I needed after struggling through that cardigan for way too long. The pattern changes every few rows to keep it interesting, but it was simple enough that I could watch TV or chat while working on it. I finished the whole blanket in just a month, even though it's the biggest project (most yardage) I've ever worked!

cozy birdhouse | guernsey blanket

cozy birdhouse | guernsey blanket

It's perfect for staying cozy on the couch during chilly evenings, and it's so pretty! Additional details on my Ravelry page.

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