Saturday, September 19, 2015

felt birds

Ahhh... That feeling when you finish a project that's been shelved for over six months. Wonderful.

cozy birdhouse | felt birds

I started on this back in February while on leave from work. It was the only thing getting me out of bed some days. I'd wake up, trudge downstairs, settle on the couch, and stitch these birds while watching Lie to Me on Netflix for hours. I finished them quickly, but the little felt flock sat in my project basket for months while I pondered how to display them. The birch branch came home with me from Michael's in late March and waited in the living room corner for inspiration to strike. All summer, I mulled over various layouts in my head. Finally settling on the design and method of construction, I whipped it all together over the course of a week. The creative process simply cannot be rushed (is what all great procrastinators say).

cozy birdhouse | felt birds

The bird designs are all available (for free!) from Downeast Thunder Farm. There are dozens of patterns available, but I selected my 9 favorites, which I resized on the computer, printed and traced onto freezer paper, ironed onto wool-blend felt sheets, and cut out. After assembling and embroidering, I attached a shiny black bead eye, stuffed lightly, and attached a loop of embroidery floss for hanging. I sawed the birch branch into three sections which I mounted together with eye hooks and jewelry chain.

This project was fun and therapeutic, and I absolutely love how it turned out. It's currently hanging next to the door in our front hallway and will probably stay there until the Christmas wreath goes up!


  1. This is fabulous! I love it, Caitlin. You did a lovely job. I'm inspired.

    1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful designs! Feel free to use my photos on your Reader Projects page if you'd like.

  2. Beautiful project! I love the way you displayed your felt birds! How much did you enlarge the bird patterns from Downeast Thunder Farms? I like the beads you used for the eyes. Do you remember where you bought them and what they're called? Thanks, Cory

    1. Hi Cory, thanks for the note! Unfortunately I can't remember exactly how much I enlarged/reduced the patterns. I looked up the average size for each bird and tried to resize the patterns so that they would be more appropriately sized in relation to each other (e.g. Mourning Dove larger than Hummingbird). Here are measurements from head to tail for each:
      Robin 6"
      Sparrow 6"
      Goldfinch 6"
      Cardinal 7"
      Blue Jay 9"
      Chickadee 5"
      Hummingbird 5" (not including beak)
      Titmouse 6"
      Mourning Dove 10"
      As for the eyes, they are round glass black beads from Michaels. I think the larger are 6 mm and the smaller are 4 mm. You could also try safety eyes (they have these at Joann) which sit a bit more flush to the fabric. I used safety eyes on my Harry Potter mobile shown here:

      Hope this helps!

  3. Are these patterns still available?