Thursday, October 19, 2023

lake george

Well, we're solidly into fall, so it seems like a good time to reminisce about summer, right?

At the beginning of August, we drove out to Lake George to visit Mop and Pop. We had so much fun playing outside, swimming, boating, playing cards, and visiting with family! Will was able to join for the first time, so we enjoyed introducing him to all our Lake George traditions... especially playing our favorite card game 10-to-1!
Mae and Colin were content to pretend fish with their toy poles on the dock, but they were very excited for Oliver when he caught a real fish!
We went to the pool a lot during the week. The water was a little chilly, but there were lots of fun inflatables to play with. Colin spent a lot of time just swimming around with his puddle jumper on. At one point, he was paddling around the deep end and spotted a huge frog in the pool filter! We scooped the frog out of the trap and took some photos before releasing it back into the bushes.
I promised Mae a trip to the mermaid store to look for a new best friend for her favorite stuffie, "Sea Sparkles." Dad took us to town on the boat, so we could do some shopping and get ice cream. Mae spent a little while trying to decide on a new mermaid and finally chose one she named "Butterfly." She snuggles them to sleep almost every night now!
The arcade was a big hit again this year. Colin's reaction time was a little quicker than last year, and he was actually able to whack some of the krabby patties when they popped up. I won a bunch of tickets with beginner's luck on Space Invaders, and we filled our pockets with candy from the prize counter.
Many thanks to Mop and Pop for a great visit and a bunch of great card games. Also to Mom and Dad for all the boat rides. And to aunts, uncles, and cousins for making it such a fun trip!!

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