Sunday, June 19, 2022

a whole summer in one weekend

Mae's last day of kindergarten was right before Memorial Day weekend. While GranE and Batman came to visit Dan, Mae, and Colin for a couple days, I flew out to their beach house for Colleen's bachelorette party! We managed to make the best of the time available, despite lots of last minute changes due to unforeseen circumstances. We had a beautiful day at the beach on Sunday, and I really enjoyed hanging out with Colleen and her friends!
The following weekend, I think we accomplished an entire summer of activities in one weekend (and it's not even technically summer yet!) Dan was fighting a strep infection, so the kids and I wanted to get out of the house to let him rest as much as possible. It was a beautiful spring day, so we went to the zoo and spent lots of time watching the (relatively) active Galapagos tortoises and the sleepy lions.

During June, Mae is attending summer school on my workdays. After the academic morning session they have fun activities so she has been opting to attend in the afternoons even on the days I'm home! It coordinates pretty well with Colin's naptime. After we picked her up, we put on our swim suits and headed for the pool. Colin ran right into the baby pool, but I think he was a little startled by how cold the water was! Mae showed off all the things she's been thinking about over the winter: blowing bubbles in the water, jumping in from the side, and getting her face wet. Colin clung to me like a soggy little monkey. We spent time in the baby pool, big pool, and at the splash pad. They both had fun even though Colin never moved from my left hip!
On Saturday, we went creek stomping. Mae made leaf boats and chased water skimmers while Colin threw rocks and poked sticks in the mud. It was relaxing, shady, and peaceful.
By the afternoon, thanks to antibiotics, Dan was feeling well enough for a baseball game. We were excited to take Colin to his first game!
Both kids were pretty well entertained through the first 5-6 innings by the music, food, pyrotechnics, and the little toys that Grandma brought. During the 6th inning, we went on a hunt for ice cream sundaes and then spent the rest of the game at the playground in the stadium. The Reds lost, but they did get 11 strikeouts which means free LaRosa's pizza!
Colin spent time sitting on our laps and trying to maneuver around in front of our chairs. He INSISTED that the cup of beer was actually juice and was SO MAD that I wouldn't let him drink it. He was also very concerned about the guy sitting next to us who was throwing his peanut shells on the ground and kept pointing and saying "uh oh." I was a little worried we'd recreate the now-classic photo from Mae's first game where she's screaming her brains out, but Colin was pretty cheerful the whole time!
On Sunday, we went to the farmers market. Unfortunately they had just sold out of fresh spaghetti, but we got some tasty bread from the bakery and, of course, POPSICLES!
We have a few more busy weeks in June, and then I'm expecting July to slow down a bit. Bring on the summer fun!

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