Saturday, April 23, 2022

ch-ch-ch-cherry blossoms

Not much to say here, just wanted to share some cute photos we took while the cherry trees were in full bloom at the end of March. We tried taking the kids for some quick photos the day before these ones were taken, but it was so cold that it was snowing!! We lasted only a minute at the park before we hustled back home for hot chocolate and warm showers. Grandma and Grandpa visited the next day, which was a smidge warmer and sunnier, so we had a chance to take a few cute photos! Fortunately the snow didn't damage the blossoms.

Mae wins for most photogenic photo. She's at the age where sometimes she forgets how to smile and just bares her teeth, so I love catching her with such a sweet expression.
She also wins for silliest photo. (Classic Mae photo... half my camera roll looks like this.)
Colin is such a cheerful, easy-going toddler now, but his smiles are SO FLEETING they are hard to catch even with my camera on the rapid-fire setting. He's also teething, so he's not always at his smiliest self these days.
See what I mean about the teething?

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