Thursday, January 20, 2022

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We had a very light snow early in the month. It wasn't enough for sledding or snowmen, but the kids were determined to get outside and make the best of it. Mae discovered that it was perfect for making little snow castles using our sand toys. We had lots of fun making towers and then taking turns stomping on them!
We got a bit more snow early this week... just enough for sledding. Colin loved sledding on our driveway and at the little hill at the playground. He finished every run tapping his hands together and asking "mo' mo'?" Mae got her feet wet (literally and figuratively) on the little hills before Dan took her to the big sledding hill in the afternoon.
Back inside, we thawed out with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Mae and Colin snuggled up with books on her favorite warm spot, the dining room floor vent.
We finished up with a nice, toasty shower. We are all sharing our main floor bathroom at the moment since the upstairs one has been gutted for renovation. Fortunately, Colin has learned the joys of a warm shower and doesn't seem to be missing the bath tub too much.
I'm glad Mae and Colin have been getting along well recently. She's been doing remote kindergarten for the last week and a half, so they've been cooped up in the house together more than usual. She's done an amazing job adapting to remote school, and is frequently the first kid logged in, excitedly awaiting the teacher. She also stays on task with almost zero intervention from me or Dan.
The harder part has been keeping Colin entertained on my days at home. I'd gotten used to running errands with him just to break up the day a little bit! Last week, we at least had a lot of excitement watching the construction trucks digging a big hole in the neighbor's driveway.
Dan's been working from home on my days in the office. He spent some quality time with Mae building a snowman after school on Tuesday. I'm sure she'll enjoy being back at school in-person soon, but I think we've made the best of the situation!

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