Monday, December 20, 2021

thankful for chocolate covered pretzels

Guess I better share these Thanksgiving photos before Christmas arrives! After a quiet Thanksgiving at home last year, it was so nice to be back together with a big family group! We were together with my family (minus Christopher who was working) plus Aunt Ruthann, Uncle Tim, Matt, Jamie, Courtney, John and all the cousin kiddos. Most importantly, everyone stayed healthy! (I almost feel hesitant to call a gathering a success these days until a few weeks later when I know it wasn't an inadvertent superspreader event.) Mae did give us a bit of a scare when she spiked a fever as we were about to leave our house, so we got her a COVID test (negative), delayed travel by a day, and waited until she was feeling better. We drove Wednesday instead and still had time to fit in a bunch of fun activities at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Like... driving the riding mower. (I love how those headphones accentuate Colin's chubby cheeks.)
And driving this blue car around the house.
We handed down Colin's stripey onesie to Lillian so I was twinning with my little niece!
Mae had fun going through the costume closet and trying everything on. She loved being a tiger.
Mae and Uncle Kevin had fun playing Mousetrap.
Colin's favorite part was the chocolate-covered pretzels!

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