Tuesday, July 6, 2021

colin's baptism

While Colin's actual birthday wasn't very eventful, the day afterwards sure was! We celebrated Colin's Baptism and had his first birthday party all in one day!

Colin was pretty well-behaved for the Baptism ceremony. He was a little wiggly but calmed down with a pacifier.
Since he loves bath time so much, I wasn't worried at all about him crying. He looked confused but relaxed as Father Ed poured the water over his head. As soon as I lifted him back up, he pointed and lunged back towards the water saying, "da!" (which translates to, "Can I play in that little baby pool?!")
He was entranced by the Baptism candle and kept pointing at the flame.
Thank you to Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Christopher for being Colin's Godparents! We took family photos at the church and then enjoyed lunch back at our house before getting ready for Colin's birthday party. More (lots more) photos to come!
Welcome to the church, Colin!

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