Friday, May 28, 2021

meeting lillian

We finally got a chance to meet our newest niece, sweet baby Lillian! With the adults now vaccinated, we made a weekend visit to my parents house where we were able to all be together for the first time since Christmas! Lillian is such a snuggly, cozy little baby.
Mae loved seeing her cousins again; they played together so well. It was fun to see how much the boys have grown just in the last few months!
Christopher and Emily were finally able to host a birthday party for Archie with everyone in town. He's been looking forward to his "big birthday" for months! We ate hot dogs and cupcakes, and the kids had lots of fun playing outside on the big swing set. Colin especially enjoyed the basket swing.
And the adults especially enjoyed watching him on it.
On Sunday, we had a Mother's Day brunch celebration and then went to church in-person for the first time since BC (Before COVID). Mae and Colin were surprisingly well-behaved. Colin was mesmerized by the singing. It was so fun to see family again without worrying about germs and fevers and whether every little tickle in my throat was a symptom. Thank goodness for vaccines!

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