Saturday, December 26, 2020

six months of colin

Happy half birthday, Colin!
This month was all about moving! Colin is really picking up speed with his army crawling. He loves crawling to toys, but he loves crawling to anything that's NOT a toy even more. He wriggles across the floor and sinks his little gums into everything, including the kitchen drawer handles, the legs of our chairs, and my fingers. No teeth yet, though!

Despite the lack of teeth, Colin is loving the introduction to baby foods! He's tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, apples, and peanut butter... and he devours it all! He roars at us from the high chair if we don't fill the spoon quickly enough.
He gets a little better at sitting up every day. At first, he had absolutely zero interest in sitting. He would make his body stiff as a board and growl if we tried to get him to bend at the waist. All he wanted to do was tummy time! He's finally letting us set him upright now, and can balance himself for a few minutes at a time.
I love these photos of Colin with his hands tucked behind his head. This is how he sleeps every night. He lays on his back, tucks his hands behind his ears, and wiggles his hips side-to-side until he settles himself to sleep. We call it "the butt dance." If he's really fighting sleep, he will lift his legs straight into the air and SLAM them down onto the mattress repeatedly.
Mae was dressed to the nines for our six month photo shoot today. One of the fun parts of spending so much time at home has been allowing Mae to pick out her outfit every day. I love this ensemble she put together today: Dorothy dress and shoes, llama pants, polka dot long sleeved shirt, and sparkly headband. She is still the sweetest big sister. Sometimes when Colin starts fussing, Mae will already have him calmed down by the time I can get to him. He especially loves when she plays peek-a-boo!
Colin was introduced to Bitty Baby this month. He was OBSESSED. He cooed and screeched and wanted to claw at her eyes. Watch out next month, day care babies. Colin is coming for your face!
Congrats on turning a half year old, Colin!

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