Saturday, November 28, 2020

big sister, little brother

Did you notice the absence of sibling photos in Colin’s five month pics? Don’t worry, it’s just because they were so cute I though they deserved their own post!
My friend Stacey made these adorable big sister and little brother shirts for Mae and Colin. (Check out her cute shirts and awesome insulated tumblers on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy!)
Taking photos of a 4 year old and an infant is a STRUGGLE! Between the five month photos and these sibling photos, I took over 800 shots! As soon as I bring out the camera, Mae forgets how to smile naturally and instead rocks the awkward kid grimace. It’s equally challenging to coax a smile from Colin, who mostly just stares wide-eyed at the camera. That is, until I put them next to each other! Colin face just lights up looking at Mae next to him on the blanket, and Mae giggles as he tries to reach out and kick her! I’m glad Grandma was here this week to help out with our Christmas card photos. We never would have managed a cute pic using the self-timer!

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