Tuesday, April 14, 2020

easter at home

Happy Easter!

We celebrated a socially-distanced Easter over the weekend. We tried our best to make it feel special, but it was definitely weird to be away from my family for the holiday (for the first time ever).

On Friday we dyed eggs. Mae woke up yelling, “it’s egg ‘diving’ day!” She had been looking forward to coloring the eggs since Dan brought home the dye kit from the grocery store last week! (She couldn’t wait to use the included stickers, so we made Easter cards for family on Wednesday.)

On Sunday morning, Mae immediately went searching for her Easter basket and found it in the first place she looked! We made fancy French toast from a loaf of bread I baked on Saturday. Yum! We all ate lots of candy, and Mae made a pretty good dent in her big chocolate bunny.

I watched live mass streamed from the University of Notre Dame basilica. A very strange way to celebrate Easter for sure, but I was at least quite comfy on my couch.

The highlight of Mae’s day (besides all the candy) was hunting for eggs outside. We did three egg hunts: one where Mae and I hid the eggs and Dan hunted (and Mae helped), one where Dan and Mae hid the eggs and I hunted, and one where Dan and I hid the eggs and Mae hunted. She could have kept egg hunting all day! We might have to play “egg hunt” more this summer!

I was glad her Easter dress from last year still fit, and glad I didn’t have any grand plans for making new Easter clothes this year. I’m swamped with nursery and other craft projects at the moment. At least I finished painting the nursery this weekend!

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