Saturday, March 14, 2020


When Dan traveled to Poland for work last year, I sent him on a side mission to bring home some unique souvenirs. He dutifully returned with some little Play-Doh toys and a Polish children's book for Mae... and two different colorways of this Woolly and Warmy Papatya Batik yarn for me!

I decided these yarns would make for cute knit animals. The first yarn colorway shifts from white and gray to purple and blue, perfect for a little knit unicorn. I split and rejoined the yarn multiple times to organize the colors the way I wanted: body in mostly white and gray with the hooves, horn, mane, and tail in purple and blue.

While this wasn't a quick knit (toys are surprisingly time-consuming because of all their little bits and pieces), it was a fun and rewarding project. The pattern was very well-written, so I made no modifications. I made one error with placement of the head decreases (just me being spacey), which was easily remedied by re-knitting the face portion. The plastic safety eyes are from Joann. I love the personality that big plastic eyes add to soft toys!

I still have the other colorway, which shifts from magenta and gold to pink and white. I think it will make a lovely knit octopus someday, but I'm currently knee-deep in projects for Mae's bedroom and the baby's nursery!

Project details on my Ravelry page.

(Oh, by the way, jednorożec is the Polish word for unicorn. And yes, I had to google how to make that little dot show up on top of the z.)

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