Friday, February 28, 2020

"my mommy has a baby in her belly"

This is how Mae has been greeting everyone for the past few weeks (and I mean everyone: neighbors, friends, every single person we pass at the grocery store). And yes, it’s true... we are expecting a little boy in June!

I am 23 weeks along today, which means baby is the size of a mango. Our early genetic testing came back normal, and our anatomy scan at 20 weeks shows a healthy, growing boy. I’m feeling pretty good aside from fatigue, occasional bouts of Braxton Hicks, and LOTS of anxiety. I am feeling kicks pretty regularly now, which helps to calm my nerves a bit. The first few months were very, very stressful.

Mae is BURSTING WITH EXCITEMENT to be a big sister. We told her on Christmas and let her spill the beans to Dan’s family when we visited the next day. Both families are very excited to welcome a new baby! Mae has already picked out a name, Octopus Mae. (I’m seriously considering it.) I showed her the ultrasound photos, but she said that the doctor needs to “hold still better because they’re kinda blurry.”

Here’s our little guy waving “hi” to everyone!

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