Tuesday, September 3, 2019

beach bums

Since summer is wrapping up and I'm seeing "back to school" stuff everywhere, I realized I should share pictures from our last trip of the summer!

On our drive out east to visit Dan's family, we split the drive into two days. We stayed overnight in central Pennsylvania and then spent a fun morning at Hershey's Chocolate World. We did the free tour (a fun little ride) to learn how chocolate is made, and then Mae and I demolished a gigantic s'more. We finished the drive to the beach in peace as Mae slumbered off her sugar coma.

We woke up Monday morning and headed straight for the beach. Mae dug into the sand toys immediately, but she took a bit to warm up to the crashing of the waves. Each day, she got a little more comfortable playing in the surf. By the end of the week, she was boogie boarding in the shallow water!

We filled our mornings at the beach digging holes and moats, building sand castles and sea witches, and collecting clams and sand crabs. Mae is entering the unicorn/princess/mermaid-obsessed phase, so she had lots of fun making mermaid tails in the sand with me. (When I asked what kind of swim suit she wanted for this summer, she said "a gray one." Her second choice was "unicorns." Lucky for me, 99% of girls swim suits have either unicorns or mermaids. Approximately 0% are gray. Win some, lose some.)

We spent the afternoons playing and napping back at the house. Mae especially enjoyed her naps in our "big kid" bed and being silly in the hammock with GranE and Batman.

We took turns cooking dinner and had lots of delicious meals. Mae appreciated the clams, though she wasn't interested in eating them... just using them as puppets. (I wonder where she got that idea.)

We only had one rainy morning, and we made the most of it with a trip to the nearby shark-themed playground (so cute). We returned to shark park after dinner (Taco Tuesday) which happened to be National Night Out. Mae got to see helicopters, police motorcycles, and other rescue vehicles up close. She also tried her hand at the dunk tank and was very proud when she succeeded!

Our little beach bum had so much fun. I don't think I've written a post before that had THIS MANY smiling photos of Mae. Clearly the beach is her happy place! While a beach vacation with a toddler is a lot less relaxing, it's a lot more entertaining!

Thanks for a great vacation!

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