Saturday, December 1, 2018

turkey day

Sometimes this blog feels like a bit of a Catch-22... When we are really busy, I have more to share, but less time to blog it!

We've been busy bees, preparing the house to celebrate Thanksgiving and then hosting! It was our year to spend the holiday with Dan's side of the family, but we wanted to avoid the long car trip with a toddler and we wanted to show off our recent house projects.

I took the whole week off work, so Mae and I could spend some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa early in the week. We packed lots of fun into a 2-day visit with a trip to the Children's Museum and a cousin play date with Ollie and Archie. We drove back home Tuesday afternoon and had a jam-packed Wednesday with Mae's 2.5 year checkup (lookin' healthy) and lots of meal prep for Turkey Day.

All our guests (GranE, Batman, Colleen, Tim, and David) arrived Wednesday evening just as I was finishing up in the kitchen. Thursday morning, Colleen and I went out for a short run (my first one in a lonnng time), and came back in time to watch the parade on TV. Mae had fun snuggling up with GranE and Batman to watch all the floats, balloons, and performances!

Dinner turned out great, and the only bad part was that I ate so much that I didn't sleep well on Thursday night. Small price to pay for a delicious meal. Of course I let everyone get a big mouthful of food before announcing that I was taking a photo. I wanted to document all my hard work, both on the cooking and also on the new paint color of our dining room (more on that later). I also love an excuse to get out the china and crystal!

Friday we relaxed at home, and then we went to the zoo on Saturday. Thanks to the family for braving the long drive and for helping us make holiday memories in our new home!

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