Monday, October 29, 2018

granE's mae-cation

I'm a bit belated sharing photos from GranE's visit at the end of September! She arrived on a Wednesday evening and stayed with Mae on Thursday and Friday while Dan and I went to work. Their days started with snuggles in "GranE's bed." (Our guest bedroom has been called this since GranE's last visit, even when other people come to stay.)

Mae enjoyed trying on all her new outfits from GranE. She deemed each one "so booootiful." After getting dressed for the day, they walked to the coffee shop and playground. Mae loves getting little treats for breakfast!

They got lots of fun playtime outside, since the weather was really pretty. Mae could spend hours tracing and being traced in chalk. (Our sidewalk usually looks like a crime scene littered with chalk outlines.)

On Saturday, we had lots of fun at the zoo. Thanks for a great visit, GranE!

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