Wednesday, September 19, 2018

go irish

Time to balance out all that Penn State nonsense with a trip to Notre Dame!

We drove to Grandma and Grandpa's house Friday evening, dropped off Mae, and took ourselves out for a little date night with a wine tasting and Thai food. The next morning, we got on the road early and took advantage of the van's built-in DVD player to introduce Mae to "Tarzan" and "Finding Nemo." We set up a mini-tailgate at the car before walking to campus, and we arrived just in time for the "Concert on the Steps" where the band performs on the steps of the architecture building. I suspected that Mae would enjoy it; she was complete enthralled!

Afterwards, we walked past a few of the band members, and a girl offered to let Mae try out her snare drum. Mae was a natural! She also got to play a xylophone (glockenspiel?)

Before we walked into the stadium, Mom predicted the game with eerie accuracy. Notre Dame would take an early lead, followed by a 4th quarter Vanderbilt touchdown reducing the lead to 7 points (it was actually only 6 points). At least we saw a good game, ending with an ND victory. Mae stayed with Grandma outside the stadium and ended up sleeping in the stroller through the entire game, only waking up when we met for dinner afterwards.

On Sunday, we attended Archie's Baptism. He was very curious when the deacon poured water over his head and even reached up to grab the cup and try it himself! Christopher and Emily hosted a little party in the church basement after the ceremony. (I haven't been down in that basement for YEARS, and it really took me back to my gradeschool girl scout meeting days.) Welcome to the church, Archie!

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