Tuesday, August 28, 2018

colleen's mae-cation

Last week, Colleen came to visit for a short Mae-cation!

On Wednesday morning, I dressed Mae in a cute outfit from GranE and gave her two curly little pigtails. She was desperate to show them off to someone, but fell asleep in the car on the way to pick up Colleen at the airport. When we arrived, Colleen got in the car, and I gently woke Mae by saying, "Look who's here now!" She looked up groggily, spotted Colleen, and yelled, "AAH! AAH! Aunt Colleen!... I have cute ponytails!" Then she screeched with excitement for 30 seconds. What a welcome!

We had lots of fun with Colleen during her visit. One of Mae's favorite things to do is play with Snapchat filters on Colleen's phone. She especially liked the one that made her look like a bunny or that one that made her look "like Moana" with a flower in her hair. She kept touching her face where the filter had added the whiskers/mustache/ears because she didn't understand that it was only in the picture on the phone, which was so funny and cute to watch.

On Thursday, I went to work but met Dan, Colleen, and Mae for lunch at a nearby park. We had a fun time, even though Mae was very... two... during lunch.

Friday morning, we walked to get coffee (my first iced chai, yum) and then went to the zoo. Here's Mae's recap: "I go zoo uh Mommy uh Aunt Colleen. I see uh turtle uh aardvark uh tiger uh giraaaffe uh ell-phant. See ell-phant biiiig poopy. I touch a snake. Not blue tongue, just pink tongue. Is kiiiinda bumpy." (Now repeat this 3 times in rapid succession at slightly elevated volume, and you will know exactly what it feels like to be Dan when he gets home from work.)

Thanks for coming to hang out with us, Aunt Colleen! We are glad you got to see those cute ponytails!

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