Thursday, May 17, 2018

"i two"

Happy birthday, Mae!

We had a busy week preparing for Mae's birthday party. GranE stayed with us all week, and Mae especially loved their daily visits to the coffee shop and park. Colleen and Batman arrived Friday morning, and we spent the morning at the playground and the evening at a local brewery for Nate & Amanda's going-away party.

Saturday morning, Mae got her first hair cut. She was pretty wiggly, but sat still long enough to get her bangs and curls trimmed. Then we celebrated Mae's birthday with a party in the afternoon. My family drove in for the day, and several local friends joined also. Mae LOVED all the activity and attention! Her jaw literally dropped when I told her we were going to eat off Moana plates. Our menu was dip-themed (taco dip, spinach dip, salsa, hummus, ranch, yogurt, ketchup, mustard, BBQ, etc), and I made swirly pink and orange frosting for our cupcakes. At one point, I was flying her through the dining room like an airplane and she started asking to "eat! eat!" I asked, "What do you want to eat?" and she replied, "Allllllla cupcakes."

Mae even blew out the candle on her cupcake! (I was so impressed. Almost as impressed as I was with myself when I remembered to buy her a birthday candle.)

Mae has definitely figured out presents now and was very excited to open everything. She received several cute Moana-themed gifts, plus some fun outdoor things like a wagon from GranE and Batman, and a picnic table and baby pool from Grandma and Grandpa. I am not sure what is getting more use at the moment: the adorable wooden tea & pasta sets or the Moana microphone that plays 15 seconds of a song from the movie. (Let's just say... I've listened to a lot of Moana and sipped a lot of imaginary tea since Saturday. "Mommy, hot-tea!")

We had to open and play with everything as it was unwrapped, so gifts took a long time! We've colored on this water mat from Colleen every day since Saturday also.

After opening gifts, we all went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. We played with new bubble guns and the little ones took turns on our little slide. We tried to get a cute cousin picture, but Mae is still a little weirded out by Archer. This photo was taken right before she rolled him off her lap, face first onto the grass. Oops.

Thanks for a super fun birthday weekend, family!

Today, Mae celebrated her real birthday with her friends at day care, and then we picked her up early for her two year check-up. Her growth rate has really steadied, and she is still around 30th percentile for weight and 60th for height... a little string bean for sure! She had to get one vaccine (ouchy) but recovered quickly when we went out for hot dogs and ice cream. Then we came home and watched a little bit of "Moana" while we FaceTimed with both families. When Grandma asked, "How old are you?" Mae quickly responded, "I two!" She must have learned that at day care today!

Mae talks NON-STOP and engages everyone around in conversation. She talked to the electrician the entire time he was at the house this week, and she announced her birthday to every nurse at the doctor's office today. She knows no strangers, has never exhibited even a moment of shyness, and is generous with her hugs and kisses. Unfortunately, she has learned the phrase, "no like it" and uses it frequently (mostly at meal times). She's also developing a sense of fear and burst into tears during the scary lava monster scene at the end of "Moana", running to the door and asking to go "car, bye bye" to get away. A few days later, we decided to try a slower-paced movie, "My Neighbor Totoro." She loved it until they met Totoro, a big loveable gray bunny-like thing, whose loud snoring sent her into a fit of terrified sobs. I guess we'll be watching a lot of first-halves of movies for a while!

Happy birthday again to our sweet, busy, wild, fun-loving little girl. We love you!

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