Thursday, December 28, 2017

christmases 2 and 3

The holiday festivities continued at my parents house where we celebrated Christmas 2! Friday evening, we went to the annual Christmas show at the symphony and Mae had her first real babysitter.

Saturday morning, we woke up to more presents and Mae really got the hang of opening her gifts. She was very excited to get a little tricycle and her own doll and stroller!

You can see Oliver had a bit of trouble waking up, and Mae was buzzing with excitement so it was hard to get a good photo. Good thing I have a super cute picture of them eating candy canes while we picked out Christmas trees over Thanksgiving!

Shortly after opening gifts, we packed our bags again and boarded a plane to visit Dan's family for Christmas 3! Mae and I both fell asleep shortly after takeoff and we snuggled and snoozed the whole flight. Probably my favorite airplane experience ever. GranE and Batman picked us up from the airport. Mae now knows her grandparents' names. She knows that GranE is *uses index finger to make popping sound with cheek* and Batman is "Bahmah" spoken in a deep, gravelly Christian Bale voice.

Sunday, we went to Christmas Eve mass at a family friend's house and then on to Aunt Ann and Uncle Ed's house for dinner. Mae stayed up late but woke up right on time for Christmas morning! She opened lots of cute clothes and fun toys including a farm set (E-O! E-O!) and a school bus!

After nap time, we went to Aunt Sheila and Uncle Bob's house for dinner. Mae didn't last quite as long as the night before. She was exhausted from all that play time earlier in the day!

After Christmas, we spent a few more days with Dan's family before flying back. We visited Mae's great grandma the day after Christmas and had a tasty but tiring dinner. Mae couldn't sit still after the long car ride so we took turns chasing her around the restaurant in between bites of shrimp. At least we had a nice little visit with Grandma!

On our last day, we took Mae to the Benjamin Franklin Institute where she had fun climbing through the giant heart and watching the ball machine.
During Mae's afternoon nap, Colleen and I went for a short run to the top of the Art Museum steps to do our best Rocky impressions!

We finished out the day with a visit to Dan's parents' brand new home that they just bought last week. We enjoyed a Wawa picnic dinner on the floor, and Mae had fun running through all the open spaces and empty closets.

Lastly, Dan and I woke up to a very nice gift on Christmas... an offer on our house! After a little back-and-forth we've agreed on a price and a plan to close mid-February! Everything is starting to feel a little more real now!

P.S. Mae has very strong opinions about the 10 little monkeys jumping on the bed. If she hears any mention of monkeys, she will insist, "Mo mo' MON-keeeees!" (No more monkeys!), though sometimes she gets stuck in a loop, saying, "Mo mo' mo' mo' mo' mon-keeees!"

P.P.S. Mae's Disney movie obsession has begun, and the lucky winner is "Moana." She can't see an iPhone or a TV remote without begging, "NANA? NANA??" Then she dances her butt off any time the soundtrack plays.

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