Monday, April 17, 2017

happy easter

Happy Easter! We had lots of quality family time at my parents' house this weekend, including lots of cousin time for Mae and Oliver.

We took hundreds of photos this weekend, but it was impossible to get both babies looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. It was almost comical flipping through the photos and watching one smile exactly as the other one looked away from the camera. Without fail! Fortunately, we still got a bunch of great ones.

Saturday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather as Mae and Oliver enjoyed taking turns in the baby swing. They also had tons of fun playing with (and in) Grandma's basket of play food. There were plastic hamburger fixin's scattered everywhere!

Sunday, we went to church, took tons of baby photos, and stuffed ourselves full of ham and candy. Mae didn't get a chance to meet the Easter bunny this year, but he brought her a well-stocked basket full of her favorite finger foods!

I can't get over how cute Mae looked in her Easter dress and bow. More photos soon!

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