Sunday, November 20, 2016

our little godson!

Last weekend we welcomed little Oliver to the Catholic Church! Dan and I were very honored that Christopher and Emily chose us to be Oliver's godparents. (Dan only made a couple of Godfather-related jokes the whole weekend. I was surprised there weren't more.)

Oliver was well-behaved during the ceremony, except he looked like he wanted to dive into the baptismal font the whole time! He didn't fuss when the Deacon poured the water over his head, but he looked very surprised.

Christopher and Emily had a little reception at their house after the ceremony. Actually, there was nothing "little" about it since there were about 40 people! We enjoyed lots of delicious food and had fun visiting with our family and Emily's family.

We'll be praying for you, Oliver!


  1. Ha! I knew you guys were catholic (you are too cool). God bless you all and especially babies O and M.