Monday, October 17, 2016

five months of mae

Here's our baby girl... five months old already!

Mae's favorite activities this month included chatting to herself in the mirror, trying soooooo hard to crawl, and scratching her fingers on anything that makes noise (especially the wood paneling next to her changing table). She has all the building blocks for crawling (lifting her chest, scrunching her legs, pushing off with her feet), but hasn't quite put everything together yet. She can wiggle a few feet at a time, especially if her favorite toy radio is placed just out of reach. Not being able to crawl is currently her biggest frustration and part of the reason she hasn't been sleeping well, since she keeps trying to crawl in her sleep!

Mae is not particularly talkative around adults, but she meows and squeals as soon as she sees other babies or her own reflection! She loves being held in a standing position, bouncing to music, and watching her daddy's ridiculous dance moves. In the evening, she sits in her high chair while Dan and I eat dinner at the coffee table. Sometimes she fusses when we clip her into the chair, but she calms down as soon as we turn on Jeopardy!

Mae nurses to sleep consistently around 7:30 pm, and she WAS sleeping really well through the night until a couple weeks ago. When she wakes in the night, she always goes back to sleep after a short feed. We get her up for day care around 6:00 am and she is all smiles as soon as she sees us. She is still a terrible napper and has achieved unprecented levels of screaminess before she finally falls asleep for naps. Pacifiers work... sometimes. She takes her bottles like a champ at day care now, and she will be starting solid food soon. Her little teeth (which Dan nicknamed Chomper and Biter) are always looking for something to chew on!

We are excited to see what milestones come in month 6!

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