Friday, November 27, 2015


Remember those Springbok circular jigsaw puzzles I mentioned from my post about visiting my grandparents at Lake George? Well, I'm a little obsessed. There's so much I love about them: the vintage look, the variety of artwork, the unique circular boxes, and all of the wonderful memories of working on these with my family while on vacation. These circular box designs were only produced from around 1964-1975, though Springbok continues to produce puzzles today.

cozy birdhouse | springbok circular puzzles

I was thrilled to discover a thriving market for these puzzles on eBay. They sell for around $20-$40, depending on condition and whether they are missing any pieces. I found a website that catalogues all the circular puzzles (almost 100 different designs) and kept an eye on eBay for my favorites. The first one I bought was Familiar Birds (of course), which I purchased using my iPhone while sitting on my grandparents' couch. Since then, I've bought 4 others. I was especially excited to find "Silver Blaze" which depicts scenes from the Sherlock Holmes story of the same name. I have already assembled both of these plus "Garden Flowers" and "Treasure Hunt" (always a favorite at Lake George because of it's bright colors). I am currently working on "Famous London Scenes," which actually came sealed in its original cellophane!

cozy birdhouse | springbok circular puzzles

When I finish, I'll leave it on the table for a while to be admired and then pack it away in the box. I'm looking forward to more hours of puzzling some upcoming wintry weekend!

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