Tuesday, October 13, 2015

pigskins, puns, and planes

Just a quick update about some fun weekend activities! Two weeks ago we drove to Notre Dame stadium to see the Fighting Irish steamroll the University of Massachusetts. We arrived a little early so we could watch Kelsey's tennis match at St. Mary's before heading to campus for tailgating with Julie, Dave, Phil, Bethany, and Justin.

cozy birdhouse | visiting kelsey

The game was good... the win was better... but the best part was seeing Officer Tim McCarthy's final appearance. Every game since 1960, his voice booms over the loud speaker at the end of the 3rd quarter: "This is Officer Tim McCarthy with the Indiana State Police..." The whole stadium quickly hushes as we listen to his reminder to drive safely after the game, followed by a pun about the dangers of drinking and driving. Officer McCarthy announced his retirement last April, but returned for this final live appearance. In honor of his 55 years as an icon of Notre Dame stadium, he repeated the pun from his first announcement ever: "Remember, the automobile may have replaced the horse, but the driver should stay on the wagon!" The entire crowd erupted into an amused groan, as always. Officer Tim McCarthy will be dearly missed by all! (Side note: my favorite pun was, "Remember, if you have one more for the road, you may end up with a cop as your chaser!")

cozy birdhouse | notre dame game

Finally, last weekend we went to a small air show organized by my group at work. I love watching little stunt planes, and the weather could not have been more beautiful. We are certainly enjoying the slightly cooler autumn days!

cozy birdhouse | air show

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