Monday, August 31, 2015

lake george

These pictures are worth a thousand words, but I've added a few phrases with each to describe the atmosphere around each of these photos. Please enjoy my favorite sights from one my favorite places on the whole planet.

Gazing across the cool, glassy lake from the lightly swaying dock, while waves lap at the posts and boats gently tug on their lines.

cozy birdhouse | lake george

Chilly sprays of water dampening my hair and jacket as Grampa speeds us across the lake in his boat. My hair whipping around my face and over the colorful towel wrapped tight around my shoulders.

cozy birdhouse | lake george

The pure joy of zipping across the slightly choppy water in a Jet Ski. That thrill of feeling just barely out of control as you dash over a wave or wake.

cozy birdhouse | jet skis on lake george

The crisp sound of plastic playing cards shuffling over a checkered table cloth during a picnic on the islands. Brightly colored bocce balls scattered between gnarled roots and crunchy pine needles.

cozy birdhouse | playing cards on the island at lake george

The screeching calls of several large juvenile bald eagles, screaming at their parents from their massive aerie in the treetops of the islands.

cozy birdhouse | bald eagle baby at lake george

cozy birdhouse | bald eagle at lake george

The light buzzing and shrill chirp of tiny hummingbirds flitting in and out of the porch while we eat dinner and play cards.

cozy birdhouse | hummingbird

The most brilliant rainbow, illuminated against feathery clouds and deepening evening skies in the gentlest summer rain.

cozy birdhouse | double rainbow over lake george

The floor of the back room littered with Atari games during an afternoon trying to beat the high score on the BMX part of California Games.

cozy birdhouse | atari collection at lake george

The inspiration for my blog: Gramma and Grampa's "The Years" documenting their biggest family events every year since their wedding.

cozy birdhouse | 'the years' books by gramma and grampa

The glint from the shelf over the sink, lined with dozens KLM Delft Blue Houses, still full and sealed. An inconspicuous memento of their many amazing travels.

cozy birdhouse | gramma and grampa's KLM delft blue house collection

The slightly musty scent of the vintage 1960s and 70s Springbok circular puzzles which Dad rescues from the closet as soon as we arrive. Remembering how we each used to hide a piece in our hands when the puzzle was almost complete, hoping we would be the one to finish it.

cozy birdhouse | vintage springbok round puzzles

cozy birdhouse | working puzzles at gramma and grampa's house

Thank you for a great visit, Gramma and Grampa! I'll treasure these memories for years.

cozy birdhouse | dan and i with gramma and grampa

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