Friday, March 20, 2015

bathing beauties

Last weekend I finally built a proper base for my birdbath. I bought the bath this winter when it was horribly cold but we didn't have any snow yet. Our neighbor has several birdfeeders, but I kept wondering, "Don't the birds get thirsty??" We put it near the garage so I can see if from my spot on the couch, but the ground was too frozen to level the dirt sufficiently. I've been looking at the leaning tower of birdbath all winter.

Finally, Saturday was so warm and pretty. I dug a trench, laid some cinder blocks, and leveled the bath. Daydreaming about cute splashy birds, I carefully filled it with water. When I got home from work the next day, I looked outside hoping to see some little bathing birdies. There they were, at the base of the birdbath... taking dust baths on the mounds of dirt I dug up. At least they appreciated my hard work in their own way.

cozy birdhouse | sparrow by the birdbath

cozy birdhouse | sparrows in the bushes

After work on Wednesday, I visited Nolan at the cemetery. I had some free time before meeting friends for trivia at a restaurant nearby. His grave marker had been installed very recently, so I was glad I stopped by and got to see it. Being there was very difficult; I keep thinking how unfair it is that I'm visiting our baby in a cemetery. I miss him.

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