Tuesday, September 9, 2014

go irish, beat owls

It's that time of the year again: college football season! I'm planning to live vicariously through my sister who is a freshman at St. Mary's this year and has student tickets to all the Notre Dame home games. Fortunately, the ticket lottery blessed me with four tickets to both the season opener against Rice and the Shamrock Series game against Purdue at Lucas Oil Stadium.

cozy birdhouse | notre dame vs rice

My parents went with us to the Notre Dame vs. Rice game last weekend. Despite a forecast predicting an 80% chance of rain, we stayed dry until mid way through the game. Then the heavens opened, and the entire stadium played a game of "how quickly can you put on plastic rain poncho." We got a little soggy, but we did get to see a victory. I also got a peek into my sister's dorm room... I might be jealous of her tickets, but I do not miss living in a tiny room with two other people!

cozy birdhouse | at the notre dame vs rice game

Don't be fooled by Dan's Notre Dame jersey. He's wearing his Penn State t-shirt underneath "so the Notre Dame doesn't touch his skin."

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