Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Last spring I received an invitation to my 5 year college reunion, and my reaction was, "Oh, how fun!  I get to stay on campus again and hang out with my friends for a few days.  Why do people get so stressed about reunions?  I don't feel any need to buy a new outfit, get my hair done, lose 15 lbs, etc."  Then, this spring, the 10 year high school reunion invitation arrived, and I realized, "Ohhhh... that's why."

I don't know why I feel like I have more to prove to my high school classmates.  Maybe it's because the college classmates saw me in sweatpants with messy hair, no makeup, and huge dark circles under my eyes after an all-nighter.  As long as I showed up to that reunion showered and wearing clean clothes, it was an improvement from how they'd seen me before.

I had a pretty good high school experience and see my friends often, so this weekend won't be much different than seeing them normally.  I won't over-analyze why the invitation generated an initial emotional response of panic.  But, let me just say, if a 15 year middle school reunion invitation graces my mailbox next year, I might need to buy a new dress.  And rent a Lamborghini.

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